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Linkadata is committed to excellence in the data center design/ build process

Linkadata know it’s your job to deliver on management’s expectations of always available network services. Further, we know that you can’t accomplish that without a room and supporting infrastructure equal to the task. Linkadata‚Äôs data center planning, pre-design, and consulting services ensure your company gets the always available data center it requires from the start.

  • Clear project cost guidance as it relates to the overall availability expectation
  • Accurate existing equipment & conceptual IT services critical load profiling
  • Expert understanding of data center design standard, and not standard, practices.

Cost Versus Availability

A good plan is the key to delivering a successful project. And a good project manager prevents as many things from going wrong as possible by using that plan. Everyone wants a 7x24x365 environment. However, the impact of delivering that kind of performance is far-reaching. Availability is more than the reliability of components used and the redundancy by which they are configured. Systems must be concurrently maintainable as well. This means that as absolutely necessary periodic maintenance is performed, systems must be able to be completely brought off-line without impacting the load.

The greater the availability expectation, the greater the cost.

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