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Linkadata Offer Special Application Services:

Client Management with Comprehensive end-to-end systems management

Integrated management system Pre-configured with the functionality required to solve your systems management challenges, Systems Deployment with Centralized management and automation for efficient OS deployment and maintenance and Systems Management in Complete systems inventory, application deployment, patch management, service desk and security solution

Find out with this solution:

Plug and play:  Auto discovers everything on your network – hardware and software
Integrated: Unified view of all your systems enables you to quickly identify and remediate issues
User-centric design:  Enables IT administrators of all levels to minimize time spent on routine tasks
Scalable: 100-20k managed nodes per appliance
Low TCO:  All-in-one appliance includes hardware and software – nothing else to buy
Right Sized: Three appliance configurations allow you to match the appliance with your needs   

Loan Processing  System
This  system is  an  invaluable  tool in  the processing of credit/ loan that integrated with  pipe  line  system. The system can process the credit of the front-end to back-end data source with The purposes of reporting (SID, LBU/LBBU,SLA Report, Pipe Line report,  Performance Report) Business Process Management (BPM) references.

  1.  Pre-Screen ; Pre loan process module, include : Credit Portfolio Management, Account Planning, and Targeted Customer
  2.  Loan Proposal; origination process module, include : Credit Risk Tools, Loan Origination System, and BI Checking integration
  3.  Loan Review; alert and performance review module, include : Credit Risk Tools, Loan Monitoring System, partner accreditation and Credit Activity System
  4.  Loan Settlement; invoice and recovery settlement  module, include : Credit Risk Tools, Collection System, and  Recovery Checking System